Enlightened Philippines (a.k.a. Enl PH)  has had a host of achievements in its run since creation during the beta days. 

One of the most notable, which happened on May 11, 2013, is [Operation Encapsulation] which gave the Enlightened 102m MU and shook the entire Ingress world. On that day, the global score was E133.5m(~85%) vs R24.5m(~15%). This was the first ever operation to breach the 100m MU mark and the first operation to use the multi-fielding techniques now used by almost every op since then.

Despite being outnumbered by the local resistance, the faction has steadily improved and achieved a few local milestones:
-Northern Expedition (first mega ops blocking/counter ops)

-Ops Boomerang (the ninja ops)

-Ops REPRESENT (881m MU ops - record still unbroken by local res)

-#Lighthouse (first international ops joined by local agents)

-Ops Matahari (in conjunction with global enlightened got 100% coverage of Philippines)

-Ops Subida (1.4b + 400m MU ops + 100+ local agents = ops to break own record)

-First to send contigent to international anomaly (and win!)
-No shards lost to local res (shard in/out at 100%)

-First L8 players (beta)
-First L16 player (extended levels)
-First L8 portal (Easter 8)

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Operation: REPRESENT!!!


On 5 April 2014, Philippine agents woke up to a green dawn as the enlightened once again went against all odds to capture 881 Million mind units all anchored in major tourist kick-off sites in the country.

Aiming for a nobler cause than just MU-control, Enlightened Philippines would like to take this opportunity to promote the natural beauty of the Philippines. All of the anchors used in this operation is a jump-off point to some of the country’s natural attractions.

OPS REPRESENT was completed by 4:28 AM where 85% of the country saw a megafield covering the three major island groups, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. 29 agents flew or drove to the anchor areas the day before to scout and prepare, as well as to do their own sightseeing and food-tripping before operation time. As locals would know, Philippine tourism is not only about the location, but also the food. Filipinos love to eat, and each of the country’s 7,107 islands has its own local popular delicacy.

The anchors used were Davao City in the South, Laoag City in the North, Legaspi City in the East and Puerto Princesa City in the West. Inner fields were also created in the municipality of San Nicholas and the cities of Baguio and Urdaneta. A total of 36 portals were used for this operation.

In the end, agents were able to create 81 fields over the country, with two additional fields anchored in nearby Taiwan for a total of 83 Fields.

After Ops, agents stayed on in their respective locations to enjoy the country’s natural beauty.

Ingress, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

Enlightened PH would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following agents that made this operation possible:
aces, AlmightyGod, batrachotoxin, BryndenRivers, buffer, claune, coldqueen, DamingAlam, DylanQ, elmerrichard, Encapsulation, flipsideyabie, flirtation, jeffreytime, lcarus, meimei, mharfrid, Morlock2k, mugspray22, NekoBitcheza, nhatarakhi, QUBlT, ratohnhaketon, rpatz, Samhain, scriptorium12, sleepheavy, yabie and yhanie.

Special thanks to agents:
cardinal26, GohanYoinkbeh, g3stalt, Kudarat and QuiRenShun

The Anchors:

Davao City, the Southern anchor, is the largest city in the country in terms of land area. It is home to the Philippine Eagle center, responsible for the preservation of the Philippine Eagle, the Philippine National Bird. It is popular for tropical fruits like the durian, marang, manga (mangoes), pomelo, and pineapples. It is also the kick-off point in going to the white sand beaches of Samal Island.

The Northern anchor, Laoag City is known to be controlled by the resistance wherein agents had to move stealthily around the area to scout the target portals. Its airport, the kick off point for tourism in the province of Ilocos Norte, is where one will be able to visit popular spots like the Banggui Windmills and the white sand beaches of Pagudpud. Ilocos is also popular for its local food, bagnet, chichacorn and pinakbet.

The Eastern anchor is the jump off point for several destinations in the Bicol region, Legaspi City. Legaspi is home to the volcano with the perfect cone shape, Mt. Mayon. It is the first place you have to go to in order to get to the municipality of Donsol, popular for whaleshark watching. The bicol region is also popular for the pili nut and spicy fare like the bicol express.

Puerto Princesa City in the west is most popular as the home of one of the new seven wonders of nature, the Puerto Princesa Underground River. It is also the starting point for all the leading beach locations in Palawan including El Nido, a small town popular for white sand beaches, and Honda Bay, popular for its colorful reefs and endemic tropical sea creatures. Being an island, Palawan's specialty is seafood.

Baguio City, the middle anchor, is known as the summer capital of the Philippines. Baguio is on a plateau making its climate cool even during the summer. It is also the kickoff point for several locations in the province of Benguet like Sagada and the Banawe rice terraces. The city is popular for fresh produce particularly vegetables and fruits like strawberries and pineapples.

The City of Urdaneta is also a jump-off point for the beaches of Pangasinan like the hundred Island national park, and Patar Beach in Bolinao.

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Achievement List

Local Record:

First L8 player - Encapsulation

First countrywide field to cover Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao during the #Cassandra Anomaly. (See attached screenshot)

Global Contribution:

First to get more than 100 million mind unit contribution in Operation: Encapsulation to the Global Enlightened.

Enlightened Philippines: The Northern Expedition

The 1,300 Km scouting expedition that turned into a counter-ops that netted us 6 million MUs vs 4 million MUs from the enemy. This is the expedition that paved way to Ops Boomerang that got 33 million MUs for the Enlightened. Even featured by Google and Niantic community manager: Brandon Badger